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Blog of the Fighters Guild

           A Tour of Guildmasters: Blog of the Fighters Guild
                         by Kerrin Gaile
    This is one of a series of articles involving interviews with the
current guildmasters of the realm.  We will be finding out what each
guildmaster thinks of his or her guild, and hopefully learning a little
about these leaders in our community.  So, join me as we sit and chat
with each of these powerful and influential figures.

    This time it was my great pleasure to get to converse with Blog,
guildmaster of the Fighters guild.

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KERRIN: How long have you been the guildmaster of your guild?

BLOG:   It is hard to keep track, but more than 20 years.

KERRIN: Since becoming guildmaster do you feel you spend less time being
        a fighter and more time being a parchment-pushing administrator?

BLOG:   I do spend more time working with guild issues, but that is a 
        choice I've made and I enjoy it.  

KERRIN: Do you view your guild as a professional association, a
        clubhouse, a close-knit society, a way of life, a comedy club,
        or as something else entirely?

BLOG:   For those in the guild, its a way of life.  However, there are
        varying degrees of participation.  Some take an active role in
        the guild, others choose to be quiet and go about doing what
        they want, spending as little time on guild things as they can.
        Both are fine, as long as they don't clash with the structure of
        the guild.

KERRIN: What do you feel is the biggest misconception about your guild?

BLOG:   Probably that we deny fiends an opportunity to advance within
        the guild.  

KERRIN: What are you doing to either encourage or change that

BLOG:   We've had discussions within the guild about the subject, those
        outside of the guild generally have a misconception about how
        the fighter's guild is run, if they truely want to know more
        they can approach me or other guild leadership, I'm not going to
        write a book entitled "Fighters guild for dummies" though.

KERRIN: What do you feel are the strongest traits of your guild and its

BLOG:   Their concern for others, especially the young members of
        society.  I can't count the number of times fighters have spent
        hours, even days helping get new members of the guild on the
        right track.

KERRIN: What sorts of things do your guild members do that make you the
        most unhappy or cross?

BLOG:   Lie about things.

KERRIN: What sorts of things do your guild members do that make you the
        happiest or proudest?

BLOG:   When they execute a well thought out attempt at something 

KERRIN: With which other guilds do you feel your guild has the closest
        and best ties or relationships, and why?

BLOG:   We've always been close to the Ranger's guild, as Fighters leave
        our guild for the Ranger's we remain friends.

KERRIN: With which other guilds do you feel your guild has the most
        contention or worst relationships, and why?

BLOG:   Generally its the Thieve's guild, because some of them steal.

KERRIN: Why is your guild better than every other guild in the realm?

BLOG:   We have the most developed structure and a bunch of people who
        spend incredible amounts of time ensuring that the guild is the
        best it can be.

KERRIN: Do the issues of ethos or religion ever cause disruptions in
        your guild?

BLOG:   On occasion, but right now we seem to have reached a place
        where it causes fewer and fewer disruptions because they've all
        been examined so many times.

KERRIN: Is it difficult to keep your personal beliefs in-check when
        dealing with the usual three-headed debate that is ethos?

BLOG:   No, there are a mix of Armsmasters who do a really good job at
        presenting all sides of an issue.

KERRIN: Do new recruits find the legendary discipline of your guild
        difficult to cope with at first?

BLOG:   They might be intimidated, but the requirements aren't exactly
        difficult to understand and do.

KERRIN: I hear execution is a popular form of punishment in your guild,
        is that true and why?

BLOG:   It isn't popular, but execution is used as punishment.  It is
        unfortunate that some require this harsh punishment before they
        start to take things seriously, but that is how it works out

KERRIN: Why do so many people seem think fighters are thick-as-a-brick?

BLOG:   They are stereotyping us, however we play it up at times for fun.

KERRIN: If you could change any one thing in our society or in the
        realm, what would it be and why?

BLOG:   I would like it if people treated others with the respect they
        thought they deserved.

KERRIN: What is your favorite color?

BLOG:   Green.

KERRIN: Is there anything else about your guild you would like to say to
        the rest of Sable?

BLOG:   Yes, we are accepting new recruits at this time, please sign up
        at the entrance to the Fighter's guild.

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    Keep your eyes peeled for the next article in this ongoing series.
Several guildmasters have already agreed to grant interviews, and
hopefully all will eventually appear here in the pages of The Sablean