Reporter / Rebuilding Sable City

After Sable City suffered a particularly destructive attack by the orc hordes, there was much public debate and disagreement about which parts of the city should be rebuilt first. To address the issue, I wrote the following opinion piece in the Times.

To the Mayor, citizens, and residents of Sable City,

Many contributions have been made toward the recovery of our city. Much
of the rubble and debris has been cleared. As we make progress our
thoughts naturally turn to the rebuilding effort that is sure to follow.

Notice was given of a meeting to be held by the Mayor of Sable City.
While I am sure the turn out for the meeting was good, many citizens
were unable to attend, myself included. I heard that there was a vote
taken at that meeting so as to prioritize the rebuilding sites. I have
to wonder why the capable Clerk of Sable was not enlisted to conduct such
a vote so that all citizens could have their preferences counted.
As to the result of the vote that was taken, I have heard that the much
missed post office received the most support from those present. While
it is a big inconvenience to have to travel all the way to the city of
Thrace to collect and dispatch missives, I believe there is an even
better choice to be made.

What can we rebuild that will express the greatest respect for the leader
of our city and kingdom, King Borgia? What can we rebuild that is
symbolic of the unity of our fair city and that all can rally around?
What can we rebuild that will stand as a notice to our enemies that we
will not be divided and we will not be defeated? What is it that is the
heart of our city? What is the most common place people pass through in
our city like the threads that hold our society together and give it

I say to you all, the first thing we rebuild must be the fountain and
the statue in the centre of our city!

While I know that there may not exist anyone who can imbue the new
fountain with the same mystical properties as the old, that is not the
point! In fact, it would be selfish to expect it to be so. The point
is that it is the one location in our city that can be rebuilt to send
a strong, clear message to all the citizens and residents, as well as to
our enemies.

Does anyone really think the orc hordes are going to be impressed if
we rebuild the post office? They surely will not. There is only one
choice for top priority in the coming rebuilding effort -- the heart of
our city, our home!

From one who makes his home in Sable City,
Kerrin Gaile the Wren of the Wassail