Kerrin / My Journal

Keeping a journal always seems to be a popular thing to do, and I have one as well to which I occasionally add things. While I do not update it frequently, it does do me some good to jot down little bits of what has happened in my life and to reflect upon where my path has led thus far.

The Beginning

My parents were traveling ethnographers. That is to say that they roamed the countryside seeking to collect stories, oral histories, folk tales, traditional songs, and ancient poetry from all they met. While in pursuit of their studies, my sisters and I traveled the Dragonspire Mountains and surrounding lands with them. This made for a rich and unique childhood.

Due to our parents' activities I became most comfortable around strangers and peoples who were most unlike my Kestrel myself. I discovered that I had the gift of gab and found myself talking with just about anyone who could understand me - and to this end my parents made sure that their children had a good command of the common tongue. These childhood experiences exposed us to many different peoples and cultures and I took the most pleasure in learning the songs and music of the people we met.

My parents encouraged this and soon I was able to accompany my singing with musical instruments and my poetry with enhancing body movements. Others seemed to enjoy my little performances and this encouraged me even more.

Some may think that I am not studious enough, but because our parents moved in and out of many settlements, societies, and cultures I am well spoken and a quick learner, preferring to experience for myself first hand instead of from a distance. While this may get me into trouble from time to time, it is a method that has served well first my parents and now myself.

Some people's names have deep historical meanings attached to them, while others are simply names. Mine falls somewhere in between. My name, Kerrin, has traditionally been a lucky name. That's it, the entire meaning in a nutshell, so to speak. There is no long story behind my name, it is simply a lucky name.

When I came of age I set out for a life in Sable City with the intention of honing my experience as a member of the famous bards guild and see even more of the world for myself. It was with my family's blessing that I set out for the renowned Sable City.

Life in the Big City

Here in Sable City I have found all manners of folks and have quickly settled into my life in the big city. I am learning all sorts of new things, and have even seen talented people telling stories and singing songs for others. They are much more professional than I am, but I aspire to one day be worthy of doing much the same.

Having lived in and around Sable City for a while now, I have made several friends and have found many interesting places to explore. I have gotten to know some of the talented bards who perform in the city and have joined their guild as an apprentice!

My new guildmates have all been very friendly, helpful, and encouraging. I have spent the most time chatting with our guildmaster Thalia, the ever-happy Sodre, as well as Elidia and Kijia, some with the enjoyable Esmeranda, helpful Alentar and the cordial Kharum.

While I miss my strong family ties, at the same time I am enriching my life by being where I am today. I believe I have found a good home here in the guild of the bards. I am in harmony with my new surroundings and myself. I am happy.

I have been finding there to be very few Kestrels about the fair city of Sable. I have made friends with those I have encountered, and enjoy sharing time with them... the Sablean Mission of Light leader Tarani, the fair-feathered Tyanima, Brennen the respected cleric of Vivoria, the warrior Dresx, and the young magician Muldin. I hope to encounter more of my brethren soon.

One of my purposes for coming to Sable City has been fulfilled. Many years ago I had come into possession of a rather special Great Eagle feather like in the Kestrel legend. The Great Eagle legend is my most favorite legend and story to tell. Indeed the feather lived up to all the old stories of yore. But, the part of the legend that most forget is that the keeper of such an exceptional feather will reach a point in his or her life when it should be passed on to another to care for and benefit from. To find someone to pass it on to was one of the reasons I came to the great city of Sable. I am happy to have found such a person, and feel it is in good hands.

Faith, Fame, and Friends

I gave my most amazing, daring, death-defying, and outrageously STUPID performance to date in the Green Griffin. My juggling three flaming gnomes was certainly an attention grabber! I think every single person present was watching. The show was a great big hit even though I managed to almost completely burn up my right wing. Thankfully the Green Griffin itself was spared from any damage. The tips were marvelous, but I am not certain that either the gnomes or myself want to be doing that performance again anytime soon!

Seeking harmony with myself and with the world around me has led me to the teachings of Silvanus. His cause fits very nicely with me personal outlook on life, and I have felt for a very long time now that I can serve Silvanus well. I spent many hours conversing with Caelia, the Respected Bishop of Silvanus. I also had the good fortune to meet many of the church members over time. Caelia asked me to compose a song about the relationship between Silvanus and Erosia, which I was happy to do and to perform at the spring festival. Being accepted into the church as a devoted worshipper honored me. I look forward to bringing the teachings of Silvanus to others.

I have had some success with my performances and discovered that I have a fairly good reputation in the community. I give regular performances in the Green Griffin J4 establishments whenever things seem a bit slow. Hopefully, the music, singing, and storytelling help drum up some extra business! Recently, I was even hired by a fellow who had heard of my good reputation, to perform for his fiance's birthday. Needless to say, I have been having a great time of late.

Caelia has been talking to me about the clan she belongs to, Taliesin. Thalia is the overlord of the clan, and many others I already know are members. In general, I have not found clans to my liking, but this one seems somehow a bit different. Maybe it is because I already know so many of its members. I shall have to wait and see how things transpire.

The flaming gnomes and I worked hard practicing our act, and even came up with a brand new spectacular ending. There was an immense crowd gathered in the Green Griffin to watch the impending performance. The show was outstanding, but through some freak of bad luck I ended up getting all the feathers of my right wing completely burned off again. *Sigh* Oh well, at least no one will be forgetting that spectacular show for a while.

I have had the most wonderful surprise of my entire Kestrel life. I met the loveliest woman, Alystrian Imbrilea. Our meeting was completely by chance, and from that unexpected event an enjoyable relationship has grown. I am always so very comfortable around her and we seem to be so much in sync that we often say the same things at the same time. It would be so easy to plunge blindly down the "madly in love" path, but we are both enjoying the slower pace at which our relationship is developing. We have adventured and done some fishing together as well as having many long conversations, and I find that not only am I discovering more about her but also about myself. I like her as a dear friend, and I hope what we have begun will continue to grow.