Kerrin / About Kerrin

My parents were traveling ethnographers. That is to say that they roamed the countryside seeking to collect stories, oral histories, folk tales, traditional songs, and ancient poetry from all they met. While in pursuit of their studies, my sisters and I traveled with them. This made for a rich and unique childhood. These childhood experiences exposed me to many different peoples and cultures and I took the most pleasure in learning the songs and music of the people I met. When I came of age I set out for a life in Sable City with the intention of honing my experience as a member of the famous bards guild and see even more of the world for myself.

I carry myself in a rather formal posture, but make it look both natural and comfortable. My feathers are well groomed as is the rest of my personal appearance, except for the small smudge of earth on my forehead.

Slung under my arm like the most comfortable of companions is an old, worn concertina that looks like it has been everywhere with me. Each thumb loop has a short, leather lace tied to it and the other end of each lace is wrapped and tied with great care about the vein end of one of a pair of bright, cheery yellow kestrel feathers.

Usually pinned neatly to the right-front of my shirt are some sort of flowers, leaves, herbs, or other interesting bits of plants.

I am a male kestrel, 6'3" tall, weighing 178 pounds. I have thoughtful, deep sky-blue eyes and a gracefully curved, golden yellow beak. Born on Sojourn 13, 199, I arrived in Sable City in the year 225. At one time or another my feathers have molted into some of the following patterns:

  • Softly blended and well cared for white and fawn-brown feathers.
  • Silvery white feathers with soft forest-green tips.
  • Rich earth-colored feathers with dazzling peacock-blue tips.
  • Dark forest-green feathers tipped in bright yellow.
  • Soft pale-green feathers edged in a light sand-brown.
  • Bright cardinal-red feathers with blue-black edges.
  • Bright blue feathers with black edges.
  • Muted grey feathers with dirty-brown edges.
  • Salmon-pink feathers with grey barring.
  • Peacock blue feathers with white barring.
  • Blaze-yellow feathers with a thin edge of forest-green.
  • Deep purple feathers with lighter purple edges and white tips.
  • Dark red feathers with inky black tips.
  • Absolutely *NO* feathers!

My constant companions are a velvet pouch and an assortment of fabulous musical instruments which I use during my inspiring and entertaining performances.