Logs / Kerrin Healed

One particularly traumatic death caused Kerrin to completely lose his sight. He also suffered a terrible case of amnesia and wound up thinking he'd always been blind his entire life. It took an aweful lot of convincing for him to accept that he might have once been able to see. After about ten years of blindness, his sight was once again restored.

Conversion Chamber

    A large altar facing north stands here, and two small fountains of
clear blue water flow peacefully on either side. This is where heathens
are brought to have their eyes opened to the light of Vivoria.

      The only obvious exit is east.

    Apshai, Converter of Heathens
    Casia LeFaye the Wizard of Warding
    Frobozz Zarcosis, Paladin of Vivoria
    Lexia Tamaleki the Respected Bishop of Vivoria
    Falix the Respected Bishop of Calypso
    Dalphor the Pathfinder

-> Kerrin steps over with Lexia.

Kerrin bows to Lexia with a graceful flourish of his wings

Dalphor enters.
Casia smiles

Lexia hugs Dalphor
Casia says, "Dalphor"
Lexia looks at Dalphor.
Dalphor says, "Hiya all"
Lexia says to Dalphor, "Somethin I can help ya with?"
Falix winks at Dalphor
Casia says, "Kerrin, Dalphor is here"
Frobozz says, "Dalphor, please take a seat."

Kerrin says to Dalphor, "Thank you for coming, Dalphor."

Lexia says, "Oh"
Lexia laughs
Dalphor sits down.
Frobozz pats Lexia on the back
Dalphor says, "What's goin on?"
Lexia shrugs

Frobozz says, "Casia, can you help Kerrin down?"

Frobozz says, "Let's get this started"

-> Kerrin stands on the blanket.

-> Frobozz confers quietly with Lexia and Apshai

Frobozz smiles

Kerrin says to Frobozz, "Will this involve lots of drinking of fine brews?"

Casia says, "Kneel down Kerrin"

Frobozz shakes his head no at Kerrin.
Dalphor ponders the situation.
Frobozz says, "No Kerrin"

-> Casia holds kerrin as she supports him to kneel

Kerrin says, "Well, maybe afterwards then."

-> Kerrin bends his knees and slides down so he is kneeling.

Frobozz says, "Please, make yourself comfortable. Lay down"

-> Kerrin sinks down on to his side, careful of his wings.

Frobozz looks at Kerrin.

-> Kerrin lays his cane next to himself.

Dalphor pats Kerrin on the back
Frobozz says to Casia, "Help him remove the torc."

Karahd enters.
-> Casia removes the torc gently from Kerrin's head
Frobozz smiles at Karahd happily.
Jenai enters.
Karahd kisses Jenai
Falix holds Karahd close
Lexia hugs Jenai
Karahd holds Falix close
Casia smiles softly
Jenai says, "Yes?"

Jenai says, "Hello, folks."
Lexia looks at Jenai.

-> Frobozz holds a finger to his lips, and motions Jenai to sit
Frobozz smiles at Jenai happily.
Jenai sits next to Dalphor.

Frobozz looks at Kerrin.
Frobozz says, "Ok"
-> Frobozz hands a long cloth to Lexia
Frobozz says to Lexia, "Please bless that in Vivoria's name."
Frobozz looks at crystal vial

-> Lexia murmurs a soft prayer of consecration over the cloth
-> Lexia hands the cloth back to Frobozz

-> Frobozz looks around the room.

Kerrin listens carefully but hears nothing unusual.

Frobozz says, "I am pleased to see those close to Kerrin, today."

Kerrin flutters his small, feathered wings lightly underneath himself

Falix smiles
Dalphor smiles

Frobozz says, "It's been years since this has been attempted. We are going
      to try to heal the blindness that has remained in his body for some

-> Kerrin scrunches up his eyes several times and then tries to relax.

Dalphor says to Kerrin, "Its okay.. we're all here for you"

Frobozz smiles
Frobozz looks at Lexia.
Frobozz looks at Kerrin.

-> Kerrin chirps quietly

Lexia waves her hands and bestows the blessings of Vivoria upon Kerrin.
Lexia smiles

Frobozz says, "Let's begin."
Frobozz says, "With the blessing of Vivoria, I hope we are successful. The
      ceremony is quick, but a lot depends on the prayers and thoughts
      offered up by those closest to Kerrin."
-> Frobozz dips the crystal vial deep into the fountain

-> Dalphor kneels nearby

-> Watching air bubble out of the vial, Frobozz pulls it out when it has

-> Kerrin cocks his head to one side a bit.

-> Frobozz motions for everyone to gather around Kerrin.
Dalphor starts praying fervently to Silvanus.
-> Karahd shuffles a bit closer.
Karahd starts praying fervently to Erosia.
Frobozz chants a prayer to Vivoria that this crystal vial be blessed.
-> Casia gently lays her hand next to Kerrin
-> Falix moves in closer to Kerrin

-> Kerrin pulls his wings in closer to his body.

Frobozz completes his prayer.

-> Kerrin takes several deep breaths.

-> Frobozz finishes his prayer
-> Frobozz places his hand lightly on Kerrin's shoulder

Frobozz says, "Do you believe in the healing powers of Vivoria, Kerrin?"
Frobozz listens to Kerrin intently.

-> Kerrin twitters quietly, "Aye, I do. I have been a benefitiary of Her
    powers before. How can anyone question her powers and dedication to

Frobozz smiles softly
Casia smiles

-> Kerrin's feathers puff up a bit.

-> Raising the vial above his head Frobozz chants "Lady Vivoria, who brings
      healing and life to all we praise thy name!"
Kerrin sings .o( Praise be Lady Vivoria! )o.

Lexia preaches, "Praise Vivoria!"
Falix smiles gently and closes his eyes

Frobozz says, "Kerrin, please close your eyes."

-> Casia bows her head and prays softly

Frobozz says to Lexia, "The cloth, please?"

-> Kerrin's eyelids slowly close shut.

Lexia coughs
Lexia whispers something to Frobozz.
Frobozz blushes
Frobozz nods

-> Dalphor grabs Jenai's hand closing his eyes
Lexia smiles
-> Falix opens his eyes and looks on eagerly

Frobozz says to Kerrin, "This will be cool, please relax as this water is
      poured over your face."

-> Kerrin chirps shortly in reply.

Kerrin nods

-> Kneeling besides Kerrin, Frobozz slowly pours the water over Kerrin's
      closed eyes.

-> Kerrin scrunches up his eyes at the water.

-> Frobozz places the palm of his hand over Kerrin's eyes.
Frobozz lays his hands upon Kerrin, and the power of Vivoria fills him and
      heals some of his wounds!
-> Lexia places her hands on Kerrin's chest and prays for the healing powers of
Lexia has healed Kerrin's wounds!

-> Kerrin twitters quietly.
-> Kerrin's feathers shiver slightly.

-> Frobozz slowly wipes off Kerrin's face with a towel.

-> Dalphor watches hopefully

-> Frobozz wraps the other cloth around Kerrin's eyes.

-> Kerrin wriggles his face a bit as the water is removed.

Frobozz hmms

-> Casia sinks her teeth in her bottom lip watching

Frobozz says, "Let us pray!"
Frobozz starts praying fervently to Vivoria.

-> Kerrin cheeps

Lexia starts praying fervently to Vivoria.
Falix starts praying fervently to Calypso.
-> Casia prays softly
Karahd starts praying fervently to Erosia.

-> Kerrin sings the same melody of lyrics over and over.

Dalphor listens to Kerrin intently.
Casia listens to Kerrin intently.
-> Frobozz looks down at Kerrin.

-> Kerrin sings quietly under his breath.

Here I lie upon the ground,
I know the end is near.
All I manage is some small sound,
I don't even feel the fear.
In my mind I know I should pray,
But the words they have all gone.
So now I pray to Vivoria
With the notes of this song.

To myself I feel so small,
Now that this time is here.
To call unto Vivoria at all,
To hope to catch Her ear.
I pray I do not ask too much,
Of a goddess such as She.
Please forget about myself,
But instead help one dear to me.

Over them I kneel with my head bowed,
Numb fingers play the lute's strings.
Like my voice the notes have slowed,
Harsh in my ears the rain rings.
I sit here soaked and in the mud,
How could it have ended this way?
Wait! There is a slight stirring.
To Vivoria I shout, "Hooray!"

Kerrin ends with a loud squawk of, "Vivoria!"

-> Falix's eyes tear up a bit as he ruffles Kerrin's feathers lightly
Lexia smiles softly
Dalphor smiles
Frobozz smiles
Casia smiles softly at Kerrin

-> Kerrin cheeps quietly, more relaxed than before.

-> Frobozz places a hand on each of Kerrin's shoulders and starts to help him

-> Kerrin slowly and unsurely sits up.
Kerrin flutters his small, feathered wings to stretch them

-> Casia waits patiently

-> Kerrin cocks his head to one side a bit as he stands up.

Kerrin listen carefully but hears nothing unusual.

-> Casia watches Kerrin in silence

Frobozz hmms
-> Frobozz stands behind Kerrin

-> Falix crosses his fingers and looks at Kerrin with a hopeful expression

-> Frobozz slowly removes the cloth from around Kerrin's eyes

-> Dalphor looks at Kerrin

-> Frobozz moves back to stand in front of Kerrin and slowly steps back,
    watching curiously

Kerrin says, "Am I to open my eyes now?"

Frobozz says, "Please."

Kerrin flutters his small, feathered wings uncertainly

-> Frobozz tilts his head to the side.

-> Kerrin slowly peels one eye open and then the other.

Frobozz hmms

Casia says, "Kerrin? See any light?"
-> Karahd stares directly at Kerrin's face, her own beaming with a huge toothy
    grin on it, "Can you see? HUH?"

Kerrin blinks rapidly
Kerrin says, "Is light...um...bright and shiney?"

Karahd says, "no, that's Frobozz's forehead"
Lexia giggles
Frobozz laughs
Dalphor says, "Yes Kerrin you're seeing"

Kerrin says, "Oh."

Falix grins at Karahd

Kerrin hmms

Karahd says, "Or a shaven dwarfen bum"

Kerrin says, "Then that is what I must be seeing."
Kerrin says, "Is he supposed to be all fuzzy?"

-> Dalphor waves a hand before Kerrin
-> Karahd leans in and peeks open one of Kerrin's lids, "Can you see me?"

Kerrin says, "But not like a canis sorta fuzzy."

Dalphor says, "Can you see moving stuff"
-> Dalphor waves some more

Kerrin says, "Ooo, it got dark and then light again."

Dalphor smiles happily

Kerrin says to Dalphor, "Was that you?"

Karahd says, "Maybe he's having Arrgrufff flashbacks"
Dalphor says, "Yea.. that's my hand"

Kerrin Listens to Karahd intently
Kerrin wows at it all!
Kerrin says, "I can see?"

Dalphor says, "Maybe if you blink somemore... you'll get clearer"
Casia smiles
Dalphor says, "You're seein yes.."

Dalphor pats Kerrin on the back

-> Kerrin spins around in a circle and blinks rapidly.

Kerrin looks around the room
Kerrin looks at Apshai
Kerrin looks at Casia
Kerrin looks at Frobozz
Kerrin looks at Lexia
Kerrin looks at Dalphor

Karahd says, "Can I conflag, now?"

Kerrin looks at Karahd

Dalphor pokes Karahd in the tummy
Karahd looks at Kerrin.

-> Kerrin gets dizzy and leans on his cane.

Karahd says, "Hello Taliesilly!"

-> Dalphor catches Kerrin with a hand

-> Kerrin forgot it was still on the floor.

Frobozz shakes his head no at Karahd.

-> Kerrin falls in Dalphor's grasp.

Karahd says, "I am sure someone said I could conflag"
Dalphor says, "Take it slow"
Karahd scratches her nose
Frobozz says to Karahd, "You want Apshai to destroy you?"
Casia says, "Kerrin?"
Karahd looks at Apshai.
Casia smiles

Kerrin says, "C-a-s-i-a?"

Casia says, "Sharper images will come"
Casia nods
Casia says, "Give yourself time"
Casia grins
Karahd looks at Casia.

Kerrin says, "Everything is so...bright."
-> Kerrin squints.
Kerrin says, "And fuzzy."

Casia says, "It will get better.. give yourself time"

Kerrin says, "It is always like this?"

Karahd says, "Now you know whath ith'ss like tho bu-be dwarrfen panthss."

-> Kerrin gets a headache.

Frobozz laughs
Falix says to Kerrin, "Try not to look at Karahd.....She made eye contact
      with an old clannie and turned him into a statue in the abode"
Karahd steps in and pulls back one leg...
Dalphor says to Karahd, "was that common?"
Karahd kicks Falix powerfully in the right shoulder!
Falix says, "ow!"
Falix grasps Karahd and inflicts her with great fatigue!
Falix explodes with joy, "WOO! WOO!"
Karahd says, "wow"
Karahd says, "thhath'ss like"
Falix says, "YEs!!!!"
Karahd says, "hmm"
Karahd says, "how many, now?"
Karahd says, "thwo?"
Karahd says, "out of how many?"
Falix says, "First time......Ever!"
Karahd hmms
Falix frolics about merrily.
Karahd shakes her head no
Karahd says, "you got me once before"

Kerrin says, "It sounds like a tavern fight."

Falix says, "I did?"
Karahd nods
Falix scratches his head

Dalphor chuckles
Karahd says, "you're still at a 20% ratio, though"
Karahd giggles
Falix holds Karahd close
Falix lays his hands upon Karahd and fills her with vitality!

Kerrin says to Frobozz, "So you would be...Frobozz?"

Karahd says to Kerrin, "I am Karahd"
Karahd looks at Falix.
Casia grins
Karahd raises her whistle to her lips. Taking a breath, she blows into it
      producing a high-pitched, piercing FWEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
Dalphor says to Kerrin, "Down here's me... Dalphor"

Falix says to Kerrin, "And I'm Falix"

Kerrin says to Karahd, "Whistle gal!"

Casia winces in pain.
Karahd beams at Kerrin brightly.
Dalphor jumps up and down
Frobozz says to Kerrin, "I am Frobozz"
Dalphor smiles happily

Kerrin says to Dalphor, "The...ah...dwarven churchmate."
Kerrin beams brightly.

Dalphor nods at Kerrin
Casia smiles at Dalphor

Kerrin says, "I always wondered what a dwarf looked like."
Kerrin hmms
Kerrin blinks several more times

-> Dalphor waggles his beard
Casia laughs

Kerrin says, "Does seeing always give you a headache?"
-> Kerrin rubs his temples.

Dalphor shakes his head no
Casia says, "No"
Dalphor says, "Not usually.."
Karahd says, "You used to see, Kerrin!"

Kerrin emits a screeching squawk of joy!

Karahd says, "From what I hear"

Kerrin flaps his wings wildly
Kerrin runs around the room screaming, "WHEEEEEEE!!!!"
-> Kerrin trips

Casia giggles

-> Kerrin falls over.

Casia eeps!
Frobozz lays his hands upon Kerrin, and the power of Vivoria fills him and
      heals some of his wounds!
Karahd says, "You're as klutzy as my husband"
Frobozz mutters something incomprehensible to Kerrin

Kerrin pounces on Karahd playfully.

Karahd says, "Is it a kestrel thing?"
Karahd beams brightly.
Frobozz says, "Good thing I have practice with kestrels"

Kerrin says, "Oof."

Frobozz proudly announces that he has sworn his bloodoath to Brennen!
Falix giggles

Kerrin says, "Woah."

Dalphor says, "And lesson number one... just cuz you see don't mean you can
      run like crazy"
-> Kerrin regains his feet unsteadily.

Frobozz says to Kerrin, "Woa what?"
Karahd holds Kerrin close

Kerrin laffs out loud!

Karahd says to Kerrin, "Now tell me, you're Kerrin, right?"
Casia grins at Dalphor

Kerrin says, "This will take some getting used to."

Karahd says, "Or go on marshmallow roasting trips with Zimri"

Kerrin says to Karahd, "But, of course!"

Casia says, "This is the Lady's miracle"
Karahd says, "So if you're Kerrin, does that mean I get mead?"
Karahd says, "Since I'm on my way to bed"
Karahd says, "I need uhm"

Kerrin says, "I will most likely still have to use my cane for a while."

Frobozz folds his hands in prayer to Vivoria.
Dalphor says to Frobozz, "Well done Frobozz... I thank you and Vivoria for
      this gift"
Frobozz says, "I didn't do anything!"
Lexia falls unconscious...
Karahd looks at Lexia.
Frobozz says, "I made Lexia pass out"
Lexia has regained consciousness.

Falix says, "you just yelled and made her pass out"
Lexia says, "Ugh."
Casia pats Lexia on the back
Frobozz touches Lexia's forehead, bestowing the blessings of Vivoria.
Lexia stands up and wiggles a bit
Lexia smiles
Karahd hugs Falix
Lexia says, "I'm sorry, I'm just a bit dizzy. Excuse me, please."
Karahd hugs Kerrin
Karahd hugs Lexia
Karahd waves

Lexia waves
Lexia leaves east.
Falix hugs Karahd
Dalphor says to Kerrin, "Now.. hold very still"

Kerrin says to Karahd, "Mead? Does that get me a cage exemption?"

Karahd says, "No"
Falix says, "I still can't believe this"

Kerrin sniffs

Karahd says, "There is no such thing."
Casia chuckles softly
Frobozz laughs
Karahd says, "Maybe you'll get lucky and get caged with Aelyn"

Dalphor says to Kerrin, "Now.. hold very still.."

Falix exclaims, "HEEEEEE!"

Kerrin says to Karahd, "No get-out-of-cage-free card, no mead."
Kerrin grins mischievously

Falix claps for Kerrin
Karahd says, "Or if you've been bad, with Falix"
Falix says, "way to lay the wood, Kerrin"

-> Kerrin stops moving around.

Dalphor grabs Kerrin in a bearhug so tight his eyes start to bug-out!

Kerrin exclaims in mock pain.

Frobozz says, "Sheeshe, he sees for a day and already making demands!"
Falix laughs
Dalphor chuckles deeply
Karahd says, "Bards are demanding!"

Karahd says, "High maintenance!"
Frobozz nods

Kerrin says, "Ooooh."

Casia grins

Falix taps Karahd on the shoulder

-> Kerrin holds his head.

Frobozz says, "And now... Im extremly tired."
Falix says, "ahem"
Frobozz says, "Take care all"
Dalphor looks at Kerrin.

Kerrin says to Dalphor, "Was that supposed to help?"

Frobozz touches Karahd's forehead, bestowing the blessings of Vivoria.
Falix says to Karahd, "So are you, by the way"
Frobozz waves
Frobozz leaves east.
Karahd glances at Falix.

Dalphor says to Kerrin, "No.. did it?"

Karahd says, "Dome"
Dalphor grins, "Heh heh heh!"
Falix says, "ooooh"
Falix says, "I'm there, punk"
Karahd says, "Now"

Falix stands up and wiggles a bit
Karahd says, "Punk!"
Lexia says, "That was the oddest thing"
Karahd leaves east.
Falix leaves east.

Kerrin says to Dalphor, "Not one bit, but thank you anyway!"

Lexia hmms
Lexia leaves east.

Dalphor says to Kerrin, "Good!"

Casia smiles
Casia says, "I am so glad it worked out"

Kerrin says, "I think my poor eyes just about fell out."

Casia giggles
Dalphor says to Kerrin, "I just hope seeing won't mess up you playing the
      flute.. !"

Kerrin says, "I am so VERY grateful for everyone being able to come today."

Casia says, "I must go harrass some Mages.. be safe you two"
Casia hugs Kerrin
Dalphor waves at Casia
Casia hugs Dalphor
Casia waves
Casia leaves east.