Silvanite / Symbols

These are the symbols chosen by Silvanus' faithful for the Celebration of Aether, to celebrate and honor the tasks the sixteen churches had been given, as well as mark the 30th anniversary of the Aetherial Shift. The collective works of the library are known as Silvanlore and they touch on many aspects of nature, the weather, and the sea.

The presentation on behalf of all Silvanus' faithful was performed by Nuncio, and Lord Silvanus spoke thusly to His followers and the entire realm:

"The choices of My Followers are quite fitting to My Nature. I am well-pleased with the Holy Symbols of My Church. My Wild Children, carry these symbols close to your heart and make them known to all."

The actual divine scriptures of Silvanus are available separately.

The Mushroom

Mushrooms can live practically anywhere. They can be found in caves, in open fields and meadows, and under the growth of the forests. The Mushroom is also seen as proof of life that feeds off death. Death is just as intricate to the balance of nature as life is, for these two go hand in hand. From the death of the Ironwood Oak Tree and the death of the kills of the Wolf, the Mushroom has sprung forth. Mushrooms are edible, which in turn provide food for forest animals. And then some of them have been found poisonous, which is a living testament to the dark side of nature.

  _ (`-`) _
/` '.\ /.' `\
 (_/\ " /\_)
As you move your hand across the Mushroom rune, Kerrin Gaile the Wren of Wassail appears. He stands with his wings widespread and speaks clearly, his voice and body movements accentuating the words...
The humble mushroom is birthed
   As it springs up from the ground.
The humble mushroom lives
   In forests and caves all around.

The humble mushroom dies
   And those in need it nourishes.
The humble mushroom is reborn
   And on those gone before it flourishes.

The humble mushroom is teacher
   With each cycle it begins anew.
The humble mushroom is mushroom
   As it travels the world through.

The Wolf

The Wolf is a hunter. Whether hunting alone or in a pack, they are very skilled at this. The Wolf does not waste anything, hunting only enough to feed itself or its pack. Wolves are also very loyal, they are loyal to their pack. The Wolf can use the fallen Ironwood Oak Tree to hide from its prey.

  _ (`-`) _
/` '.\ /.' `\
 (_/\ " /\_)
The rune of the Wolf lights up at your touch and Kerrin Gaile the Wren of Wassail appears. He strides about and speaks clearly, his voice and body movements impersonating the words...
The wolf hunts with great skill,
   Kills for food, and
Not for wealth nor power nor other petty concerns,
   Wasting nothing, not ravaging the land.

Tis not the frequency nor efficiency
   Of the hunt that marks a hunter great,
But rather the use to which the result is put
   And the purpose for it in the first place.

The wolf is territorial, guarding and
   Defending its home, the environ in which it lives.
Just as Silvanus guards His domains,
   The entire world around us where He is.

The Ironwood Oak

The Ironwood Oak Tree. This tree, like all the others, has its own circle of life as well as participating in the larger circle of life. It starts as an acorn, fallen from a century-old tree nearby. The acorn itself will either grow to become another tree or it will become the food for forest animals like squirrels and chipmunks. When they succumb to the years of age and finally die, their death still serves a purpose by providing nourishment to the forest floor.

  _ (`-`) _
/` '.\ /.' `\
 (_/\ " /\_)
Kerrin Gaile the Wren of Wassail appears as the rune of the Ironwood Oak alights. He stands tall with good posture and speaks clearly, his voice and body movements reflecting the words...
Each ironwood oak
   Is filled with the strength
      And determination of Silvanus.
Its arms stretch upwards in praise
   For all of Nature that makes it possible
      For these trees to be among us.

From acorn to seeding
   To sapling to mighty tree,
      From its roots to its leaves
And all the bark and body in between,
   The ironwood oak is a cycle itself,
      Often lending its strength to those in need.