Bard / Poems

Here is a selection of my poems. Please do not be disappointed that all of them are not here. If everyone could view them all here, then there would be little incentive to come see me perform in person!

Silvanus and Erosia

Birth and growth are miracles most true.
They are amazing to consider through.
Yet creation is oft taken as a given,
Like a simple part of everyday living.

Silvanus and Erosia share their immortal love
Blessing the entire realm each year from above.
It touches all the ground, the seas, and sky,
All creatures, plants, and people low and high.

The seeds will sprout, the trees will grow,
The next generation will be born, all told.
Humbled before this miraculous blessing we stand,
In wonder that life can continue across the land.

In our mortal lives we all seek purpose,
Wondering what we serve or who serves us.
For any who have held their own babe a'fore,
They know the answer to this query, for...

In their arms they glimpse the meaning of life.


Many creatures swim in the sea,
But none am I so happy to see,
As those who pass very close by,
And lunch on my very baited line.

Catching these fish may be trying,
Difficult at times, leading to sighing.
Their honor they give with their dying,
Making food most delicious for frying.

Hail Caelia

Caelia the respected Bishop,
Silvanus of the Sewers,
She embraces life
Both above and below.

There is this vague harem,
She not a member, but the master
Of strong men tanned and oiled.
Tease her endlessly, all in good humor.

But how I will remember her
Fondly and the best
Is dancing with the clouds
As do the youngest of babes.


The rooks make not a sound
The knights whinny all around
The bishops chant this and that
The king and queen have had a spat
The pawns fumble about for their lives
The other side must be more organized
Tension is drawn high, I'm having a fit
Great rolling ground tremor! OH ****!