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This webpage is dedicated to the game of Rat Puck. Rat Puck was invented by Masters Danny Lord and David Rowe one rainy weekend in Kansas City, Kansas. It all began when they started pucking actual taxidermied rats that the Rat Lady had given unto them. By the next spring the great game of Rat Puck was given into the care of Emrys Fleet who has shepherded the game ever since. Rat Puck is now played at many Renaissance type faires, festivals, and marketplaces.

This webpage is written from the point of view of my experiences at the Sterling N.Y. Renaissance Festival and Summer Marketplace near the town of Fairhaven on the south side of Lake Ontario in the State of New York, USA. While I have talked with puckers from other faires, Sterling is my home faire and the place where I play the vast majority of my rat pucking. So, I am stating this right up front to avoid any conflicts with the experiences of others.

Make sure to check back here again from time to time. I have lots of ideas for future construction projects on this webpage! I hope you enjoy what you find here and that it entertains you immensely. Maybe it will inspire you to get yourself a rat and a stick and come out and puck with us! We don't bite, honest -- well, maybe Emrys does every now and then!

Puckus Sumare -- Puck We Must
Fulwood The Potter
Peter Piper

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Thank you for stopping by, and come again soon to see what's new. Feel free to write to us with any comments, problems, questions, suggestions, or whatever -- we'd love to hear from you!

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