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Praising Emrys Fleet

Emrys on Emrys Top

A Picture of Emrys Fleet "Ahem...
I would like to begin with a little poem I made up. It is called 'A Matter Of Introduction'. It goes like this:
I'm the Ratcatcher Emrys Fleet.
Two parts of the rat do I eat,
The body and head,
Twixt two pieces of bread,
There's no meat in the tail or the feet.
Well, it rhymes...Thank you very much..."

-- Emrys Fleet

Hommage to Emrys Top

A Picture of Emrys Fleet As with anything that has to do with the game of Rat Puck, Emrys Fleet must be first and foremost. Emrys is the shepherd of the great game of Rat Puck, and therefore we shall take this space to praise him on such a wonderfully fun and entertaining pastime!

Thank you, Emrys! We bow before your creative and odiferous eminence! We thank you heartily for introducing Rat Puck to us and to the world! If ever there is one source from which the essence of Rat Puck emanates, you are most certainly it!

Also, we would like to thank you, Emrys, most profusely for allowing this webpage to exist. Rat Puck is, after all, under the care of your creativity. You have chosen to share it with us all at the various faires, and now everywhere in the world. We hope that rat puckers everywhere make the pilgrimage to this webpage in order to bask in the electronic glow of this virtual Rat Puck shrine. We thank you once again for your generosity and your strong nature!

Three cheers for Emrys! Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!


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