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Puckin' Songs

Below you will find the lyrics to songs about Rat Pucking.

If you have a song about Rat Pucking that you'd like to share with the rest of the world by having it posted here, you can do so by emailing the song to us.

All songs about Rat Pucking are accepted, including filk songs as long as they are appropriately credited.

Ramblin' Pucker Top

by Michael the Ferreter
sung to the tune of Ramblin' Rover by Andy M. Stewart

There are 'pprentice puckers plenty
And Masters barely twenty
There are Virgins o'er ninety
Who've mistakenly pucked a squirrel.
But, give me a ramblin' pucker
We'll drink more than ya muster
We will have a right big cluster
And, together we'll puck the world!

I have pucked throughout the shire
Puckin' low and puckin' higher
And, me cattie starts to tire
When me rat we cannot find.
And, when the pub is at our leisure
We'll hoist another measure
To to the strokes off that we treasure
For the winner is always buyin'!


Be it pesky hole or mud pit
The luscious legs or wash pit
Yes, the Jailer's cell we puck it
Followin' the simple Emrys rule.
Now we puck the Frogge Pond or
Up to lovely Iris yonder
At other times we wander
It's the "Puckus Sumare" rule.


If you're ratty 's goin' bli-ind
Or, he's playin' hind'n fi-ind
Or, the trees ain't bein' ki-ind
And, you're thinking it's time ya bribed.
If you've called the Beasley Bumble
And now you're lyin' where ya tumbled
You may show that you're not humbled
Cryin', "BLAST! I'm still awah!"

"Blasted trees!"




Stairway To Crimson Top

by Sir Biggins
sung to the tune of Stairway To Heaven by Led Zepplin

Thers a rat pucker who thinks he's all that
with victory with grasps.
And he's bribing Emery's for the covented Crimson.
As he is still awa
still the farthest from the hole.
with a bribe he can get what he came for.

Theres a crest on the pole
and he wants to be sure.
Cause you know that it has
two meanings.
In a tree by the brook theres a rat
which is stuck.
All of his thoughts are of "Blasted Trees!".

There's a feeling that I get
when I puck-up my rat.
And my anger is crying to train thy rat.
In my thoughts I have seen a high volicity rat
whip through the trees.
And the yells of "Huzzah!" of those who stand looking.

And it is yelled that soon if we all
call the call so well
then the champion will lead us to the ale house.
And a new day of pucking for those
who waited to long.
And the forest will echo with the sounds of "Cheese!".

And it makes me practice harder.

If there's a hustle in furyway
Don't be alarmed now.
Just make way for the King!!
Yes there are several ways puck by.
But in the long run.
You have to stay studdn' to win the Augustus Green.

Your head is fummin cause someone is going to slow
in case you don't know
Just shout out " While Elizableth is still out Queen!"

Fellow pucker did you see where that rat goes
and did you know.
Your vermin lies near the whispering woods.

And as we all puck on down the road.
Our sticks shadows grow taller than our own.
Here walks a rat-catcher we all love to know.
He flashes out Crimson we all want to own.
Look how it's tail sparkles gold.
And if you listen very hard
The call will come to you at last.

"Puck we Must, Puckus Sumare'
To the Ale House!!!"

and he's bribing his way to a Crimson

Puck, Drink, Drunk Top

by Bryan Puddlepucker
sung to the tune of US Green Barretts "Drink, Drunk"

Puck! Puck! Puck! Puck!
Puck! Puck! Puck! Puck!
Pucked last night,
pucked the night before;
gonna puck like I never pucked before,
'cause when I puck I'm as happy as can be
'cause I am a member of the rat family.

Oh, the rat family is the best family
To ever puck across the sea.
There's an in the tree rat,
and an off the tree rat,
an underwater rat,
and a gosh darn rat
Singing Glorious
One barrel of ale for the four of us!
Singing glory be to God that there aren't no more of us,
'cause one of us could drink it all alone,
or darn near!

Well the villiage of War'ickshire is a heck of a place to be
The rat on me stick is now stuck in the tree,
and he's been in the water, and trapped in the grass
And those bloody hazards will get you in the
One barrel of ale for the four of us!
Singing glory be to God that there aren't no more of us,
'cause one of us could drink it all alone,
or darn near!


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