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Rats of Significance

Within the Rat Puck community there are many titles, honours, and awards of significance. Many of them are listed below along with explanations as to their hallowed meanings. Most Rat Puckers wear or carry their awards with them at all times. You can learn a lot about a rat pucker just by looking at him!

Virgin Pucker Top

This is the name given to any pucker who is puckin' for the first time. Obviously, this title is only held for a short time.

Apprentice Pucker Top

This is what a pucker is called who is no longer a Virgin Pucker, but who has yet to become a Master Pucker.

Master Pucker Top

Every year Emrys Fleet holds a Rat Puck tournament at the Sterling Faire. All of the Apprentice Puckers compete, and one becomes a new Master Pucker and is awarded the coveted Crimson Rat which signifies the winner's standing as a Master Pucker.

Sterling winners of the coveted Crimson Rat by year are:
2003 ???Unknown???
A Coveted Crimson Rat
2002 ???Unknown???
2001 Cailen Carmichael
2000 Allen of Ob
1999 James (aka "Tushy MacGregor")
1998 Dweazel Porkchop
1997 Michael the Ferreter
1996 "Tiger" Alan Beck
1995 Nathaniel Frizell

Other Sterling holders of the coveted Crimson Rat for who
I do not know the year of their accomplishment include:
Thomas of Moreclay
Crusty Carbunkle
Friar Beasley
Wood Butcher
Ray St. Louis
Richard the Dartmaster
Fulwood the Potter
Sir Loin of Beef
Emrys Fleet

I have heard tell that in the Carribean Master Puckers are awarded a Pirat[e] instead of a Crimson Rat as would be appropriate for that area of the New World.

Emrys Fleet has also begun holding a Rat Puck tournament at the Maryland Faire as well!

Maryland winners of the coveted Crimson Rat by year are:
2003 Cydony "Lady Cyd" Bowman
A Coveted Crimson Rat

Master of Masters Top

There is also a tournament held each year by Emrys at the Sterling Faire for those who are already Master Puckers. They compete for the Augustus Green Rat and the title of Master of Masters. There is an additional award that goes with this title which is passed from winner to winner each year... The Master of Masters Staff (shown in the table below) which contains all of the names of previous winners of this title. It is incumbant upon the holder of this talisman to then use it to puck until the next year's tournament.

Sterling Master of Masters winners by year are:
2003 ???Unknown???
Master of Masters Staff
2002 ???Unknown???
2001 Nathaniel Frizell
2000 Michael the Ferreter
1999 Thomas of Moreclay
1998 Emrys Fleet
1997 "Tiger" Alan Beck
1996 Wood Butcher
1995 Crusty Carbunkle
1994 Richard the Dartmaster
1993 Fulwood the Potter
1992 Ray St. Louis
1991 Sir Loin of Beef

Senior Skins Top

In 1997 Emrys started yet a third tournament at the Sterling Faire for all puckers already possessing both a Crimson Rat and an Augustus Green Rat. This tournament is the competition for the Senior Skins Champagne Pink Rat and the Stealth Puckin' Stick. The Stealth Puckin' Stick is passed from winner to winner each year, and the current year's winner must puck with it until the next year's tournament is held.

Sterling Senior Skins Champions by year are:
2003 ???Unknown???
Master of Masters Staff
2002 ???Unknown???
2001 None was awarded this season.
2000 Crusty Carbunkle
1999 Ray St. Louis
1998 Richard the Dartmaster
1997 Sir Loin of Beef


There have been two of these Your Still Away awards made each year at the Sterling Faire since Master of Masters Alan "Tiger" Killenbeck created the award during the 1996 season. These awards are bestowed upon the puckers who are the furthest from attaining the next level of Rat Puck achievement. This pertains not only to the ability of the pucker to puck a low score, but also in his ability to understand the essense of the game of Rat Puck. These are mostly given out in jest and good humor.

Sterling Winners of the YSA award by year are:
2003 ???Unknown??? ???Unknown???
2002 ???Unknown??? ???Unknown???
2001 There were none awarded this season. There were none awarded this season.
2000 Sir Steve of Morewood Only one awarded this season.
1999 Tyler Only one awarded this season.
1998 Thomas the 'pprentice Potter Only one awarded this season.
1997 Friar Beasley Allen of Ob
1996 Lord Edward Allen of Ob

Recently, YSA presentations have begun at the Maryland Faire as well! We welcome them to the ranks of distinctively decorated rat puckers.

Maryland Winners of the YSA award by year are:
2003 Keith, the WhiteDragon

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