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Utterances Often Heard
  • "Cheese!"

This warning cry must be called before each and every shot of a Rat Puck round. Since Rat Puck is often played where there are crowds of people this cry is required so as to give fair warning to those who may be in danger of being struck by a rat. To forego the cry of "Cheese!" is a "Stroke penalty!"

  • "Clear the furway!"

This is usually called out in a loud voice to help move gentles and others out of the path of the rats that are about to be pucked right through where everyone is standing or milling about. Usually the puckers who are to puck off last will call this out and move through the crowd alerting them to the fact that they risk bodily harm from high velocity rats if they do not move to the side.

  • "The safest place is in the shops!"

This is sometimes used to suggest a safe place for gentles to stand while Rat Puckin' is going on around them. At the same time it keeps us puckers in the good graces of the shopkeeps.

  • "Touch not the rat!"

Usually hollered out after pucking your rat if it is in danger of being touched or picked up by a gentle, for this would result in a "Stroke penalty!"

  • "We don't play with your vermin, don't play with ours!"

This colourful phrase is used as an explanation as to why gentles should "Touch not the rat!"

  • "Stroke penalty!"

Puckers usually call out this one when another pucker has done something that results in them being assessed a stroke penalty. Examples include a rat being touched by a gentle, the pucker not calling out the call of "Cheese!" appropriately, etc.

  • "You're still awa!"

Often used to razz a pucker who's last shot was so poor that their rat is still the farthest from the target. This often times follows after a pucker has a Mis-Puck, has Pucked-Up, or has Pucked Prematurely.

  • "Tree hazard!"

This one is called out in good humour when another pucker hits a tree with his rat causing his shot to come up short of his intended target.

  • "Blast!"

A favorite saying of Friar Beasley's.

  • "Blasted trees!"

Another favorite saying of Friar Beasley's.

  • "Gentlemen's game!"

This saying is used to calm a pucker who is upset about his most recent shot and who is acting in an un-gentlemanly manner. It is a reminder that Rat Puck is a gentleman's game.

  • "While Elizabeth is still Queen!"

Used to harangue a pucker who is taking an inordinantly long time to address his rat.

  • "God save the Queen!"

Often times calling out this phrase causes those around you to look about trying to locate the presence of the Queen. Sometimes used to distract other rat puckers while you try to improve the lie of your rat without them noticing.

  • "Be the rat."

Said as advice from one pucker to another who has just Mis-Pucked, Pucked-Up, or Pucked Prematurely.

  • "Take the nines."

Often used as advice to a pucker who is having great difficulty on a particular hole since nine is the highest score allowed on any one hole.

  • "Rats aloft."

Used to call all of the rat puckers together after a round is finished. All of the rat puckers gather close together, hold their rats high in the air and call together in one great voice...

"And now we call the call we call so well,
Puck we must! Puckus Sumare! To the ale house!

  • "Well puck-ed!"

This phrase is used to express admiration at the good shot by another pucker.

  • "Huzzah!"

Traditional faire-speak for, "Hurray!" It is often used to congratulate a fellow pucker on a particularly nice shot.


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