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Renaissance Links

This section lists links to other great Renaissance Faire related websites.

The centre of the Rat Puck world. The essence -- indeed, the odor -- of Rat Puck itself! Here be the electronic lair of Emrys Fleet himself!

If you've ever wanted to find out something about renaissance faires, this is one of the best places to start looking. They have everything from dates of faires across America to lists of faire merchants, vendors, musicians, and more.

The great Faire located in Sterling, New York, USA on the south shore of Lake Ontario. It is east and north of the city of Rochester, and north and a bit west of the city of Syracuse.

Another great faire in the state of Pennsylvania. I've never attended this one, but I hear it is another good faire.

A wonderful faire in Ohio that seems to attract a lot of attention every year.

Had an absolute blast when I attended this Texas faire south of Dallas in 2000. Corsairs, storyteller, Flaming Idiots, and more were loads of fun. Didn't find any rat pucking then, but I hear do tell of it having a good following these days.

Everything you ever wanted to know about wenches and more! If yer a wench, you can even join the club and get an official pin!

Check this on-line caledar to see when those you know and others are planning on attending which faires. It's a great way to communicate to all your faire attendence plans for the upcoming months!

World Wide Web home to some of the best muddy show folks anywhere! Stop by and spot Crusty, Chunky, Puddin', and a whole lot more.

They perform living chess games as well as other performances for renaissance faires.


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