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  • Catarats

A term describing the medical condition of a rat's eyes becoming discoloured or cloudy.

  • Ceremonial Cleaning Of The Rats

After each hole puckers generally clean off their rats by beating them against the target of the hole. This removes dirt, grass, and whatnot from the rats.

  • Cluster Puck

This term is used to describe the action of more than one pucker pucking simultaneously. A cluster puck is used most often on the first shot of a hole that involves pucking over or through a large crowd of gentles. Below is a picture of an impending cluster puck.

Cluster Puck Photo

  • Flip-Off

This is a method for determining who pucks first on the first hole of a round. The puckers line up at the starting line of the first hole, each holding his rat aloft by the tail. There is usually a count of, "Once, twice, thrice!" and the puckers flip their rats end over end. Usually the current Master of Masters or some other pucker who is at least a Master Pucker then looks over the rats as they lie upon the ground and calls out the order for the first hole in order from the pucker who's rat's nose is pointing most directly toward the target down to the pucker who's rat's nose is pointing most directly away from the target.

  • Gentles

A term used to refer to customers and other non-rat puckers at the faire.

  • Layin' Eggs

A medical condition where a rat is slowly losing its innards one bit at a time.

  • Mis-Puck

Term used to describe a shot gone awry.

  • Nancyboy Shot

Any type of shot other than Stud Puckin'.

  • O'er Pucked

Pucking one's rat too far -- usually beyond the target of the hole.

  • PAR

Puck A Rat.

  • Puck Prematurely

To flub a shot by taking one's eyes off of one's rat to see where it is going before the stroke is complete.

  • Puck-Up

Term used to describe a shot that has not turned out very well.

  • Ratendectomy

A medical procedure one performs on his rat in order to replace its innards.

  • Ready Rule

This rule is used when speed is of the essense. For example, when puckin' through a heavily crowded area. With this rule whoever has their rat ready to puck does so. This circumvents the normal rule of the pucker who is farthest away from the target pucking next.

  • Stroke Off

Often a hole will have a means for puckers to get a stroke off of their score. For example, if the target for a hole is a particular tree stump, then usually simply striking the stump with one's rat will finish the hole, but having one's rat come to rest upon the top of the stump is often times determined to be a stroke off.

  • Training Your Rat

The pounding, crunching, scrunching, stomping of one's rat in order to condition it to stay on the end of the puckin' stick. Often used during a round as an excuse to explain a temporary lapse into un-gentlemanly behaviour.


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