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This is a reading/source list for a variety of mythological subjects. The sources cited have been collected from a variety of sources including posts made to Usenet newsgroups like alt.mythology. I would like to thank all who have contributed to this work.

The criteria for inclusion on this list is simple - the work needs only to have some mythological content. Some sources listed are more anthropological or archeaological in nature, but it is sometimes difficult to draw lines around where mythology ends and some other topic picks up. As the list grows, additional criteria may be added. Two topics that will not be covered in depth in this list are: Arthurian sources and Robin Hood sources. These lists are execellent and should be used if looking for for this type of data.

With the exception of the fictional retelling and "general" categories, all major categories in the FAQ are geographic or ethnic in nature. Within those major groupings there may or may not be additional subcategories. These categories and subcategories were an attempt to assist readers and researchers in finding the proper sources more easily. Some errors in categorization may have been made.

Please feel free to send email with suggestions for inclusion in the FAQ and corrections to FAQ entries.


The data in the list has not been validated. There may be errors in titles, authors, or other information. This list is meant to assist in searches for sources, but it can not replace an "old-fashioned" trip to a library or bookstore to search for the books listed or for other sources. No claim is made for the scholarliness or lack of it in any source. It is for the reader to decide.

Additional Notes

While I may have some suggestions on how to locate some of the books listed in this FAQ, I am not a bookstore or a library. The search to locate any of these sources ultimately rests with the researcher.


Thank you for stopping by, and come again soon to see what's new. Feel free to write to us with any comments, problems, questions, suggestions, or whatever -- we'd love to hear from you!

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